ludicament musicothérapeutique MINES ParisTech
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MINDs is a music therapy application that targets Alzheimer patients. MINDs intends to help them maintain their memory capital by playing songs of their youth via Wiimote game controllers.

MINDs was developed at MINES ParisTech Centre de recherche en informatique (Computer Research Center) as part of a collaboration with the St-Maurice (Val-de-Marne) and Broca (Paris) hospitals. This software is one of the end products of Samuel Benveniste's PhD research work, performed under Pierre Jouvelot's supervision.

The interest expressed by therapists and the enthusiasm displayed by patients when discovering this new technology spurred us to move forward with the industrialization of Samuel's initial prototype. This new MINDs was developed by Benoît Pin, at Armines/MINES ParisTech.

By making MINDs available to anyone, our long-term scientific objective is to help us perform a large scale validation of the therapeutic benefits suggested by the preliminary tests we performed in a couple of French hospitals. Feedback is thus warmly welcome.